The Body Shop Lip Care Review

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My lips are always chapped. Whether it’s not drinking enough water, wearing lipsticks, being hereditary, whatever! I cannot seem to keep my lips moisturized. With that being said, chapstick has always been my best friend. Before I head out the door, my checklist goes: phone, keys, wallet, and chapstick, check! So I’m always looking for the best lip care products to heal my lips.

Body_shop_lip_careWhile browsing The Body Shop website, I stumbled upon the Lip Care. It got rave reviews and I had super high hopes, so I snatched one up for myself. It came out to around $8, as there was a 40% off promotion going on, but normally is $14 for 0.14oz. From the site, the product claims:

“This lip moisturizer in a stick hydrates and conditions lips while giving a subtle shine.

  • Moisturizing
  • Subtle shine
  • Dermatologically tested”


First off, the packaging of the product is super cute. It’s a very sleek bullet looking lipstick case that camouflages as a lipstick and not a chapstick. The base is a matte black tube with a silver lid. The product itself is a nude pink milky shade but comes off fairly translucent.


Here you can see what the moisturizer looks like on the lips. It gives a nice shine to the lips without any pigmentation. It feels pretty comfortable and lasts for several hours before feeling the need to reapply. One thing to note about this product, because of it’s¬†consistency, if this product is applied onto dry peeling lips, it will not be cute. It accentuates all the cracks and dryness because it isn’t 100% translucent. I almost feel like I need to exfoliate my lips prior to applying chapstick, which kind of defies the point, doesn’t it? It does the job of a chapstick, to keep my lips feeling hydrated when applied, but I find it doesn’t have much long term benefits. My lips don’t look or feel drastically changed because of it.


Overall, my final thoughts on The Body Shop Lip Care is good, but not great. It’s a decent lip moisturizer that feels comfortable on the lips and has super cute packaging. But because of it’s consistency, it’s definitely a lot more high maintenance than other lip care products on the market. Considering its¬†semi hefty price and its benefits for my lips I wouldn’t repurchase it after I run out. I guess I’m looking for more of a chapstick and treatment combo, so I’ll continue my quest!

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