Teaglad Detox Tea Review

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Today’s review is a little bit different but it’s definitely worth sharing. I know you’ve all seen and heard about all those tea detox programs out there and all the effects they promise; cause I sure did! I was very curious about if it worked or not, so I decided to give it a try!

Now there are so many detox tea programs on the market, so I did some research and settled on a 14 Day Detox Tea Program from a website called Teaglad. I’ve never heard of them before, but they seemed the less gimmicky and more about healthy living, so I decided to give it a shot! I was able to snag the 14 day program for $35 with an additional coupon code at the time.

Teaglad_14day_detoxThe product arrived fairly quickly and I was excited to start my detox journey! The product arrives in a resealable brown paper bag with a window in the front. The packaging is very simple and cute, and straight to the point.  The tea is a loose leaf blend and comes with a free tea infuser which is really nice (otherwise it’d be a pain to drink!).

Teaglad_14day_detox2The brief description says to brew 1 tbsp of tea for 3-5 minutes, 3 times a day. Easy enough! The tea has a very pleasant scent, very herby. I find that the easiest way to get the tea out of the pouch is to create a funnel with the pouch opening itself and gently pour the tea into one half of the tea infuser ball. No spoons or measuring required! By doing this, I wasn’t able to measure out the tea, I’m sure it was much less than 1tbsp, but that just means more servings of tea right?

Teaglad_14day_detox3After I filled the tea infuser, I let it sit in hot water for several minutes and soon realized that the tea infuser isn’t the greatest. Because it only latches on one side, this allows the other side to open just a teeny bit, allowing the smallest pieces to flow out. Which isn’t the worst possible thing. The pieces that come out are so thin and small that you can swallow them with ease, or if you let the tea sit without agitating it it’ll sink to the bottom of the mug.

The tea itself is a very good tea. Maybe I was expecting something difficult to swallow, but I was pleasantly surprised. As a daily tea drinker, I found it super easy to drink and may I say enjoyable? It tastes pretty earthy, but not in a bad way, and has a slight citrus and peppermint taste which is very refreshing.

So enough of the looks and taste, what were the results? Well, in addition to drinking the detox tea, I also tried my best to maintain a healthy diet. I normally eat fairly healthy, but made more of an effort while on the tea. And just drinking the detox tea made me WANT to eat healthy. What a shocker! I’m not gonna lie, I had a few bad meals here and there. Heck, I went home for the weekend and who can resist some home cooking? But after every bad meal, my body felt so awful. Like all the detox work it had done went to waste and I was actually excited to eat healthy again!

Teaglad_14day_detox4After 14 days I took note of the difference, and you know what? This thing actually works! I felt and looked less bloated, my love handles didn’t look as prominent, and I felt a lot healthier. Not to mention I also lost 4 pounds in the process! Drinking this tea didn’t feel like a chore, I actually looked forward to it, and it really helped me to stay on track in terms of my healthy eating. The only irk I have is the tea infuser. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I wish it had a latch on both sides so nothing would come out. But why should I complain, it was free! You may want to get a different one if you think that will bug you too.

All in all I’m glad I tried this detox program! I have a little left even after the 14 days because I used it quite sparingly, but when I run out I think I’ll try it again to see what more it can do. If anyone is looking to try a detox tea program I would recommend this one. It’s quick, easy, and tastes pretty good. You can find more info on the Teaglad 14 Day Detox Tea Program on their site. Happy drinking!

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