Maybelline Brow Drama Review In Deep Brown

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Being Asian, I was obviously born with very dark hair. But for some unknown reason, this didn’t quite carry through when it came to my eyebrows. My brows have always been very sparse and tend to disappear off my face (being tweezer-happy didn’t help either). That’s why filling in my brows is a must.

Howeverrrr, there are just some days when I can’t be bothered to wear a full face of makeup, but still need to look like I didn’t roll out of bed. That’s why I’ve been on a hunt for a good tinted eyebrow gel. I’ve been eyeing the Benefit Gimme Brow for quite some time now, but couldn’t get myself to spend $22 on a TINY A** bottle. You guys know what I mean…

So when the Maybelline Brow Drama came to the market, I had to give it a try.

Maybelline brow drama deep brown

According to the Maybelline website:

Maybelline’s first sculpting brow mascara with tinted gel mousse provides the look of fuller, sculpted brows with a natural and even finish. Comfortable to wear.”

I got mine for around $7-8 and it comes with 0.23 fl oz of product. The shade I got is Deep Brown.

maybelline brow drama deep brown

The brush looks like a very thin mascara wand with a ball tip at the end. For me specifically, because my eyebrows are pretty thin, the ball tip is a tad too big, but definitely doable. For application, I found the best way to get the most color on my brow was to run the brush tip back and forth over my brow hairs a few time, and then brush my brow back in place. Every now and then I would get some product on my skin, but it easily wipes away.

maybelline brow drama deep brown

The results are quite subtle, but I think it makes a huge difference. The brows still look very natural, but you get the satisfaction of knowing they exist on your face. The deep brown shade isn’t too light or too dark. And you can get away with using just the Brow Drama for a natural, put-together look, or even use it as a brow gel after you fill your brows.


My overall thoughts: I love this thing! It’s cheap but does a great job at tinting the brows for a natural, everyday look. It also works great as an overall brow gel over any eyebrow powders or pencil and keeps your brows in place all day. What’s not to love about that?

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