How To Fix Broken Eyeshadows

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Nothing is worse than opening your favorite eyeshadow palette only to find that it shattered! :( But have no fear! Here’s a quick and easy way to fix that baby right up! This also works for any powder blushes, bronzers, etc. Here’s what you’ll need:

Fixing Broken Eyeshadow1. Your broken eyeshadow or powder

2. Rubbing alcohol

3. An object that fits perfectly in your shadow well (for me it was this square lipgloss. if your eyeshadow is a circle, coins will probably be your best bet)


Fixing Broken EyeshadowI would highly recommend laying a paper towel on your work counter in case of any messes. Go ahead and smash your shadow completely until it’s all grounded into powder. I just cleaned the end of an eyebrow brush to grind the eyeshadow.


Fixing Broken EyeshadowUsing rubbing alcohol, drop this all over the surface of the powder until it’s completely saturated. Using rubbing alcohol is important because it’ll evaporate quickly. I didn’t have a dropper, so I used the clean end of a brush to substitute as a dropper.


Fixing Broken EyeshadowNow it’s time to press everything together! Take your object that fits snugly in your well. For me it’s my Japonesque Lip Lacquer. Place a tissue over your eyeshadow and, using your object, press firmly down into the well. Continue to apply pressure for a good minute or so.


Fixing Broken EyeshadowTA DAA! Your eyeshadow is fixed! Allow it to dry completely and it’s as good as new!

No more tossing away perfectly good makeup! You’re welcome! :)






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