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acutedaisy easy eyebrow tutorial

Being Asian, my hair is naturally dark; well, with the exception of my sad and sparse eyebrows. On days where I don’t fill in my brows, my face just feels sad and empty. My eyebrow routine changes up from day to day, depending on my mood or how much time I have to get ready, but this is one of my go-to, quick and easy eyebrow routine using mainly just an eyebrow pencil.


Tools Needed:

– Eyebrow Pencil – Here I’m using a Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown

– Angled Eyebrow Brush – Here I’m using a really old brow brush from Bodyography, but any stiff angled brow brush will work

– Spoolie Brush – Here I’m using a Sonia Kashuk Spoolie Brush No 127

– Concealer Brush – Here I’m using another old brush from the brand Simply Moore, but any concealer brush will do

– Concealer – Here I’m using a Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging Concealer in Light

– Brow Gel – Here I’m using the brow gel included in the Japonesque Brow Kit


Detailed Steps:

1. First outline the bottom of your eyebrow with your eyebrow pencil, starting from the very inner corner to however long you would like your eyebrows to extend. If you’re using a soft eyebrow pencil, don’t worry about making a mess, you’ll be able to clean this all up later with your concealer later!

2. Outline the top of your eyebrow with your eyebrow pencil, making sure to leave the very inner corner untouched. See the picture above for reference. Again, no worries about any messiness.

3. Using your angled brow brush, blend out your eyebrow pencil. You’ll want to focus most of the product on the outside of the brows and be sure to leave the inner corners untouched. By doing so this will create a gradient effect and give your brows more dimension. Be sure to blend any harsh lines and fill any sparse areas.

4. After you finish blending your eyebrow pencil, use the remaining product on the brush and gently fill in the inner corner of the eyebrows. Be sure to use a soft hand when blending in order to create a nice gradient effect. Once done, go ahead and comb through your brows with your spoolie brush to get rid of any harshness.

5. With your concealer and concealer brush, conceal under your eyebrow. I usually like to clean up around the arch and tail first, and then work my way inwards. By doing this step your brows will look nice and define. So work slowly and precisely to create a nice crisp line. Also, by using a light concealer, this will brighten and highlight around your brows (not to mention clean up any mishaps you might have made earlier!). After you clean the bottom, use the remaining concealer on the brush to clean up above your brows.

6. Final touch-ups! If necessary, with a light hand, go ahead and fill in any areas that still look a little sparse with your eyebrow pencil. Once everything looks in place, top with your brow gel to keep all your hairs in place.


You should now have nicely groomed and somewhat natural looking brows! Easy right?!

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